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SIMCom Spearheads Innovation at Embedded World Nuremberg 2024

At SIMCom, we're committed to connecting the embedded community. Visit us at Booth Hall 3-223, where our insights into IoT solutions, spanning from IoT communication to comprehensive services, have sparked meaningful dialogues and collaborations across various sectors.

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SIMCom Modules Empowered Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicles

SIMCom Modules elevate highly adaptive robotic vehicles across Industries! From optimizing logistics to revolutionizing healthcare support in assisted living homes, our advanced IoT communication solution is reshaping operations. Additionally, SIMCom's 5G & Smart Module promises to enhance the capabilities of highly adaptive robotic vehicles even further. We're excited about future collaborations and the potential to leverage these advancements to drive further IoT innovation.

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SIMCom elevates highly adaptive robotic vehicles


Enhancing Water Management: Insights for World Water Day

With global water usage on the rise, it's time to leverage innovation for sustainable solutions. From IoT technology to real-time monitoring, we're paving the way for effective water management. Together, let's empower communities and safeguard our precious water resources.

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Upgrade your Two-Wheeler ride journey today with SIMCom's smart modules!

SIMCom's customized smart modules for two-wheelers bring a range of features at your fingertips. From 4G LTE Global Bands connectivity to convenient WIFI and Bluetooth integration, stay connected on the go like never before. Enjoy immersive 1080p video and audio entertainment, all controlled effortlessly through a sleek touch screen interface. Safety is paramount with GNSS positioning ensuring precise location tracking. Our modules redefine what it means to ride smart. Upgrade your ride journey today with SIMCom's smart modules!

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SIMCom Revolutionizes Smart Manufacturing with Advanced IoT Solutions

SIMCom is revolutionizing smart manufacturing with our advanced 5G and LTE-A solutions! Our Product Director of 5G & LTE-A, Mr. Chen, recently shared pioneering insights at the Smart Factory Deployment Strategy Forum in Taiwan. Learn how SIMCom’s advanced IoT technology is optimizing operations and driving Industry 4.0 transformation.

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SIMCom Products

SIM8230X         LGA+LCC  form factor
SIM8260G-M2 series is the muti-band 5G NR/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD module which supports R17 5G SA. It is designed for applications that need huge data transmission in various wireless situations.
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SIM7672X         LCC+LGA  form factor
SIM7672X series is the LTE Cat.1 module based on the latest QCX216 chipset that supports wireless communication modes of LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD. Support both mutiple built-in network protocols and the drivers for three main operation system.
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SIM8270X      LGA  form factor
SIM8270X is a Multi-Band 5G NR/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA.+ module which supports R17 5G NSA/SA. It is designed for applications that need huge data transmission in various wireless situations. Due to its high efficiency, security and flexibility, this module suits various applications.
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Industry News
10 Emerging IoT Trends Driving Market Growth

This analysis is derived from the comprehensive “State of IoT – Spring 2024” – a report on the current state of the Internet of Things, including market updates and projections, the latest trends, market sentiments, investments, M&As, industry expert opinions, and more.

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LPWAN market 2024: Licensed technologies boost their share among global 1.3 billion connections as LoRa leads outside China

LPWAN technology is evolving rapidly. Integration with satellite IoT connectivity is a natural progression in the field and will likely pave the way for new applications and connect previously unconnected things. Both NB-IoT and LoRa technologies have important roles to play in this hybrid connectivity model, enhancing the efficiency and reach of IoT applications.

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Products with documentation updates in April.2024  for SIMCom EN site
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