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Forging a Connected Future with SIMCom's IoT Communication Solutions

2024-04-12 17:05:35

At Embedded World Nuremberg 2024, SIMCom, renowned globally for its IoT communication solutions, unveiled an impressive array of SIMCommodule products at Booth Hall 3-223. Not content with merely showcasing extensive product lineup, SIMCom also emphasized their ongoing efforts to optimize power consumption, ensuring SIMCom’s offerings remain competitive within the IoT industry. SIMCom showcased key highlights, spotlighting advanced IoT technology, reliable performance, and extensive production experience. These highlights reaffirm SIMCom's position as a trusted leader across diverse markets.


The SIMCom booth received a warm reception from attendees during EW24


The SIM7672 series is a range of LTE Cat 1 modules powered by the advanced Qualcomm® 216 LTE IoT modem. These modules seamlessly support LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD wireless modes and feature a compact LGA + LCC form factor, seamlessly integrating with mainstream industrial standard interfaces for enhanced functionality. With low latency, low power consumption, excellent mobility, and wide network coverage, the SIM7672 series offers robust expansion capabilities and strong compatibility, improving user development efficiency while reducing time and economic costs, thus accelerating time to market for products. This versatility makes it perfectly suitable for applications such as telematics, metering, surveillance devices, industrial routers, and remote diagnostics.


SIM7672 is being jointly showcased at the Qualcomm booth during Embedded World Nuremberg 2024

( SIM7672 is being jointly showcased at the Qualcomm booth during Embedded World Nuremberg 2024)



Additionally, SIMCom offers the Cat 1 module A7683E, powered by the ASR1606 chipset platform. Supporting LTE-FDD wireless modes, A7683E features an LGA form factor, facilitating seamless migration from 2G to LTE products and enabling more compatible product designs to meet customer needs. A7663E is our LTE Cat 1 module supporting LTE-FDD wireless modes, boasting an LCC + LGA form factor. It streamlines product design for compatibility with customer needs and integrates a multi-GNSS receiver along with main industrial standard interfaces. Ideal for IoT applications like telematics, surveillance devices, industrial routers, and remote diagnostics.


The SIMCom expert team is dedicated to helping clients solve their IoT solutions


Another highlight from Embedded World Nuremberg 2024 is our IoT NTN satellite communication module, SIM7070G-HP-S. It supports 3GPP Rel-17 (IoT-NTN) at L-band (B255) and S-band (B256/B23) frequencies, with wireless communication modes including Cat-M, Cat-NB2, GPRS, and EDGE. With its compact LCC form factor (24mm x 24mm), it's perfect for compact product designs. Offering a unique blend of performance, security, and flexibility, SIM7070G-HP-S is ideal for IoT applications like metering, asset tracking, remote monitoring, and E-health.



At Hall 3-223 of Embedded World,SIMCom's IoT modules hold a prominent position in the IoT industry, providing coverage across major global network regions in Europe. These modules have found widespread adoption in diverse fields, from the sharing economy to electric vehicles, wireless payments, location tracking, public network intercoms, network cameras, industrial IoT, and beyond. This widespread commercial success marks a significant milestone for SIMCom, reflecting the effectiveness and versatility of IoT solutions.

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