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SIMCom Shines Bright at MWC Barcelona 2024 with Latest IoT Modules

2024-02-28 17:29:10

Barcelona, Spain – February 26-29 , 2024 - At the world-renowned Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SIMCom proudly presents its remarkable lineup of new products, including the SIM8270, SIM8390, SIM8230 series, alongside the smart module SIM9650L and Wi-Fi module W87. This new product launch marks a significant advancement and impresses industry experts and visitors with our commitment to innovation and meeting the changing needs of the market.


The anticipation reached its zenith with the commencement of the event, as Mr. Luo, CTO of SIMCom, took to the stage to deliver an impassioned opening address. " With its high-speed throughput, ultra-low latency, and wide-ranging connectivity, 5G has been deployed on a lot of applications. Also, as 5G technology continues to evolve," remarked Mr. Luo. " I am confident that SIMCom's solutions will be still catering to the dynamic needs of IoT's ever-evolving landscape. By combining our expertise and technologies, we are paving the way for even greater innovation and progress in the IoT industry."


Joe Barrett, President from GSA, whose insights into connectivity enriched the SIMCom new product launch event. As Mr. Barrett highlighted 5G trends, it became clear that SIMCom's contributions were vital for the industry's future. The new product launch event not only showcases SIMCom's latest offerings but also highlights its commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving 5G landscape.

CTO of SIMCom and President GSA addressed opening speech of new product release

During the event, Mads Wendelin Fischer, European Sales Area Director, highlighted SIMCom's latest 5G modules tailored for diverse industry applications. The SIM8270X and SIM8390X, powered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.'s Snapdragon® X72 and X75 5G Modem-RF Systems respectively, offer enhanced performance with larger bandwidth, reduced latency, and lower power consumption. These modules can be combined with the Wi-Fi module W87 to create various 5G+Wi-Fi 7 solutions.


SIMCom also introduced the SIM8230X and SIM8230X-M2 modules, leveraging Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.'s Snapdragon® X35 5G Modem-RF System. These modules provide lightweight, low-power, and cost-effective solutions for transitioning terminals like CPEs, MIFI devices, UAVs, industrial gateways, and power equipment to 5G networks.


Furthermore, SIMCom showcased the high-computing-power smart module SIM9650L, running on the Android14 operating system and equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core 64-bit ARM V8 processor, delivering over 14Tops of computational power for demanding applications. 


SIMCom showcased latest IoT Modules during MWC Barcelona 2024

(Mads Wendelin Fischer, European Sales Area Director of SIMCom)


SIMCom's showcase of 5G product excellence, featuring the SIM8270, SIM8390, SIM8230 series, alongside the smart module SIM9650L, and Wi-Fi module W87, left a lasting impression on industry experts and visitors. These latest IoT modules demonstrated SIMCom's prowess in driving innovation and meeting diverse market needs.


 SIMCom’s latest offerings during MWC Barcelona 2024


As the curtains will draw to a close on MWC Barcelona 2024, SIMCom has extended invitations to visit our booth Hall 1 B20 and explore our IoT modules firsthand. We're excited to share our innovations and engage with visitors about the potential applications and benefits of our products. If you're eager to explore more of our IoT solutions, please visit our official website: www.simcom.com. 

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