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Unveiling the Future: SIMCom's Latest IoT Modules at MWC Barcelona 2024

2024-02-28 09:34:34

Embracing the theme "Future First," SIMCom's participation in MWC Barcelona 2024 (the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event) introduces its latest lineup of IoT innovations in 5G technology, unveiling 5G modules to the global market. In addition to introducing cutting-edge 5G modules to the global market, SIMCom also launches WIFI modules and Smart Modules. Let's dive into SIMCom's latest IoT modules at MWC!

SIMCom’s latest IoT modules at mwc Barcelona 2024


Advanced 5G Modules by SIMCom

SIMCom has released 5G module series for 5G Advanced—SIM8270X (based on Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.'s Snapdragon® X72 5G Modem-RF System) and SIM8390X (based on Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.'s Snapdragon® X75 5G Modem-RF System). These modules offered enhanced performance with larger bandwidth, reduced latency, and lower power consumption tailored for 5G segmented vertical industry applications.


The SIM8270 and SIM8390 modules support various modes, including 5G Non-Standalone Access (NSA)and Standalone Access (SA). While SIM8390 supports three modes: 5G Non-Standalone Access (NSA), Standalone Access (SA), and mmW. Both 5G modules come in LGA packaging, feature integrated GNSS positioning, and maintain compatibility with SIM8260 AT commands. This facilitates rapid product iteration and cost reduction for customers. Simultaneously, the 5G modules SIM8270 and SIM8390 can be combined with the Wi-Fi module W87 to create a variety of 5G+Wi-Fi 7 solutions.

W878 paired with SIM8270/SIM8390 to form multiple 5G+ WIFI7 solutions


Moreover, with multiple regional versions and applications like SIM8270E/SIM8390E, SIM8270NA/SIM8390NA and SIM8270SA/SIM8390SA. This diversity ensures that our products meet global demands, driving performance enhancements and facilitating widespread commercialization of 5G technology across various industries and regions.


In addition, SIMCom showcased the SIM8230X and SIM8230X-M2 modules, powered by the Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.'s Snapdragon® X35 5G Modem-RF System, designed to transition terminals like CPEs, MIFI devices, UAVs, industrial gateways, and power equipment to 5G networks.

SIMCom 5G RedCap Modules

SIM8230 is a compact 5G R17 SA multi-band RedCap module, packaged in LGA+LCC format, featuring integrated GNSS positioning functionality, and compatible AT commands with the SIM8260 series. It is equipped with various functional interfaces, providing great convenience for peripheral expansion, and offers advantages such as lightweight, low power consumption, small size, and high cost-effectiveness. 


Smart Modules for High-Performance Applications

The SIM9650L is a high-performance smart module running on the Android14 operating system, equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core 64-bit ARM V8 processor and. Compared to previous generations of 4G smart modules, the SIM9650L series features an integrated AI processor with Dual HVX and Hexagon Tensor Accelerator, delivering over 14Tops of computational power. It also incorporates an Adreno™ VPU 633, supporting up to 4K 30 video encoding or 4K 60 video decoding.


High computing power smart module SIM9650L


The SIM9650L series integrates high-precision GPS positioning, BT5.2 short-range communication, 2x2 MIMO, and Wi-Fi6E. It finds wide applications in smart POS terminals, logistics terminals, VR/AR devices, smart robots, automotive equipment, intelligent cabins, video surveillance, intelligent data acquisition devices, industrial-grade PDAs, and smart handheld terminals


In the future world of 5G+AI, SIMCom continues to unveil high-speed 5G and LTE-A modules, alongside focus on high-computing power smart modules. With expanded product lines encompassing 4G, LPWA, GNSS, and beyond, SIMCom is committed to serving the diverse application market of 5G+AIoT. Through ongoing collaboration with partners, SIMCom will further enhance its range of premium module products, ensuring customers worldwide receive precise solutions and services.

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