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Private 5G network

5G is not only the evolution of the communication technology, but also a key factor changing the whole society. The biggest value of 5G lies in the to-B market and the breakthrough point must be private 5G network. The global private 5G network market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 47.5% from 2022 to 2030 to reaching USD 36.08 billion by 2030 according to Grand View Research.Private 5G network is widely preferred across various industry verticals, including manufacturing, energy and utilities, transportation and logistics, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, mining, and government and public safety.

Case Description

The concept of private networks has been around since the 2/3/4G era. A private network is an independent network that covers a specific area and provides services for specific users. In addition to the existing characteristics of 5G such as eMBB,uRLLC and mMTC , private 5G networks can realize complete control over the network with a high degree of accessibility, reliability, quality of service and security.

Accessibility:the network service of private 5G network has a high degree of continuity, which can ensure it is accessible anytime.

Reliability: Private 5G network provides sufficient network coverage and capacity, as well as powerful service switching capability, which can reliably transmit a large number of service data within a certain period of time.

Quality of service: Private 5G network runs in the dedicated spectrum, which enables better control over throughput, latency, jitter and rate of loss etc.

Security: Private 5G network provides end-to-end security solutions that can protect critical assets through network isolation, data protection, and user authentication. Enterprises can also take complete control of data to ensure sensitive information remains locally.

In addition, the system performance and resource occupation can be custom-made according to   specific needs of different services, which is known as network slicing . Network slicing is to create virtual independent networks for various applications (AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, IIoT, etc.) of enterprises or departments with different communication demands.

Existing private networks are mainly based on wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Wired Ethernet is cheap with stable connectivity, but short of mobility. Wi-Fi is easy to build and operate. However, the connectivity of Wi-Fi is unstable with short communication distance, latency longer than tens of milliseconds and poor security. Comparing with them, private 5G network shows distinctive advantages to boost digital transformation of enterprises.

The private 5G network can be deployed in the mode of SNPN (Standalone Non-public Network), which refers to independently carrying out network construction in dedicated frequency band. The other is in a mode of PNI-NPN (Public Network Integrated Non-Public Network). It uses the spectrum of a carrier's public 5G network, which is more flexible and fast.

SIMCom Module Advantages

In order to meet the growing needs of global customers for private 5G networks, SIMCom has launched a variety of 5G modules, supporting majority of 5G spectrum including Sub 6GHz and millimeter wave across global market. whether the dedicated 5G spectrum or the public,  SIMCom 5G modules ensure stable and reliable connectivity.

SIMCom 5G modules support ultra-high transmission rate and large throughput, leading the industry from at every stage of 5G evolution. Moreover, SIMCom 5G modules adopt diversified form factors such as M.2 and LGA, and integrate abundant interfaces, providing customers with high flexibility and compatibility for product development. With more than two decades of experiences in the wireless communication industry and continuous product innovation, SIMCom modules can support private 5G network working efficiently and safely in most circumstances.

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