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Smart pre-crash safety system

SIMCom has cooperated with high-tech enterprises to develop systematic solutions for driving safety ofcommercial vehicles in the past years. It turns out that the SmartPre-crash Safety System based on SIMCom SIM7600X-H modulescan effectively improve driving safety of commercial vehicles andreduce the incidence of accidents.  

Case Description


The SIMCom modules empower commercial vehicles with active security


Based on the LTE CAT.4 SIM7600X-H series module, the vehicle-mounted Smart Pre-crash Safety System connects the vehicle, cloud anddriver through wireless network to realize the three-dimensionalsmart security guard of all time, all areas and all-round.



Taking truck as an example, the vehicle body is hugeso that the driver has blindspots of vision.  Long transportation distance and high labor costalways lead to fatigue driving. Heavy loads often result in overweight driving. In view of the aforementioned causes of accidents, the Smart Pre-crash Safety System works out correspondingsolutions.  


SIM7600X-H series integratenumerous industrial standard interfaces(such as UART, USB, I2C, GPIO) ensuring its powerful expansion capabilities. On this basis, a series of systemswith SIM7600X-H modules have beendeveloped .


The Blind Spot Detection system (BSD) can detect collision risks at the blindspots. The Driver Status Monitor system (DSM) can monitor the driver status in real time, and make early warning and intervention. TheAutomaticEmergency Braking system (AEBS) is like invisible hands protecting the vehicle, ensuring that at the moment of crash, the vehicle can automatically slow down or brake safely and smoothly, minimizing or avoiding collision.  


The SIM7600X-H series supports the maximum downlinkup to 150Mbps and the maximum uplinkup to 50Mbps. Hence It can respond quickly and transmitcommands at the critical moment, triggering theSmart Pre-crash Safety System so as to realize the automatic emergency braking.


Stable connection prevents driving risks


In practical operation, thebackendcan display the high-risk road sections in the form of thermal map and update the running status of vehicles in real timedue tothe multi-constellation high-accuracy GNSS receiver system and the Location Based Service function integrated within SIM7600X-H modules.The information of potentialrisks automatically identified at backend can betimely sent to driversto remind them of taking actions.



SIM7600X-H series support the networks of LTE, UMTS and GSM with global coverage,which can help traditional commercial vehicles to access the cloud at high speed via 4G network. The SIM7600X-H seriesalsosupport wireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/ LTE-FDD/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE etc. Even if a vehicle passes through an area that cannot be connected to a 4G network, it will fallback3G and 2G toguarantee communication connection as much as possible.  


According to the test, SIM7600X-H series modules applied in vehicle-mounted terminal products can ensure stable connectionat a speed of 100km/h, and fully meet the real-time requirements of data transmission formajor commercial vehicle types such as freight truck, publicbus,  special vehicles forhazardous chemical, engineering vehicles and so on.  


In addition, a large amount of data generated byrunning commercialvehicles is completely transmitted to the cloud , which isuseful for operators with a large number of vehicles to further analyze and evaluate driving behaviors, which can promptefficient and transparent equipment and safety management. 


The vehicle-mounted safety terminals with SIM7600X-H series


Withthe development of IoV,SIMCom has made agrand layout in themarket, taking the lead in the industry in launching 5G modules, C-V2X modules, LTE CAT. 4 and LTE CAT. 1 modules that can be applied to the IoV.SIMCom commits toenabling vehicles to achieve stableand high-speedconnection with the IoVand helping people use and managevehicles more safely, efficiently, environment-friendly and intelligently. With reliable products and high-quality services,SIMCom has establishedlong-term and stable partnerships with many leadingplayers in the automotiveindustry. 


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SIMCom Module Advantages


LCC¹ form factor with abundant interfaces
Suitable for LTE, UMTS and GSM networks with global coverage
Abundant software functions: FOTA, LBS, TLS, VoLTE
Multi-constellation GNSS receiver support
AT commands of  the SIM7600-H series are compatible with the SIM7500/SIM7600 series modules

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