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Nowadays, people are living in a hyper-digital environment with various electronic devices, especially in the 5G era. The traditional agriculture is also shaped by 5G Tech,with AI,IoT, big data, virtual reality (VR), etc., the state-of-the-art IoT technologies are making the revolution in agriculture field.

Agriculture is a fundamental industry which provides necessary food to feed people. But it is so easy to be influenced by nature environment and requires heavy labor, and the income is quite low. Now, by using smart agriculture tech, traditional farming evolved and shifted towards technology-driven processes, farmers can get better income by controlling the diseases and fertilizers that affect the crop yield.  

Case Description

SIMCom together with Frontier Connect innovates a IoT system for field monitoring using 5G module SIM8202G-M2. Thanks to this IOT computer vision device, farmers can monitor the processes on their farms and take strategic decisions remotely.

SIMCom 5G module SIM8202G-M2 is a Multi-Band 5G NR/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+ module which supports R15 5G NSA/SA up to 2.4Gbps data transfer.

It has strong extension capability with abundant interfaces including PCIe, USB3.1, GPIO etc. The module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's applications.

The SIM8202G-M2 adopts M.2 form factor, TYPE 3042-S3-B. AT commands of SIM8202X-M2 are compatible with SIM7912G/SIM8200X-M2 series modules. This also minimizes the investments of customers and enables a short time-to-market.  Testing SIM8202G-M2 in agriculture field with low 5G radio coverage, demonstrates how the 4K images can be transferred quickly and stably over the 5g network.

Using their 5G smartphone, tablet or laptop, farmers can get an accurate and real time view about their field conditions at any time, anywhere. Accurate scanning  of soil status (moisture, temperature, NPK, PH, Salinity) aside crop vision status fundamentally data to achieve better crop yields and crop quality.  If there is detected any crop status shift , the farmers can get notification and recommendations in time.

Combining 5G high speed and debit transmission with IOT power management approach, (eq. solar pane and batteries) makes the service ready for years, handling weather monitoring, crop canopy and chlorophyll measurements,  pests and fungus alerts, fertilizer application effects and irrigation optimization. Furthermore, part of the roadmap the device can be mounted on the vehicles handling in time motion and machine to machine 5G connectivity for crop areas monitoring.

About Frontier Connect

Frontier Connect is a tech innovating company with offices in Luxembourg and Romania. The company is developing end2end IOT solutions for smart agriculture, smart gardening, and smart cities, starting with device electronical design and ending with service intelligence.

Lumbara™ represents Frontier Connect platform & IOT layer that implement latest technologies in term of connectivity, edge computing, analytics and machine learning .  Focusing on green technologies as long power long life devices, Lumbara is addressing also use cases for residential, city facility management aside agriculture and green solutions.

About SIMCom

SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited (SIMCom) is a global leading designer and manufacturer of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless modules and solutions. As a key player in IoT ecosystem, SIMCom has established long-term partnership with hundreds of Strategic Partners、customers and agents. It can provide highest cost performance and innovative wireless solutions to global customers in order to save cost and expedite the time to market by virtue of its remarkable R&D, superior product and perfect channels. SIMCom’s products have been widely recognized worldwide with more than 200 million annual shipments. More info, please visit www.simcom.com.

SIMCom Module Advantages


Standard M.2 interface
High throughput data communication
AT commands of the SIM8202X-M2 are compatible with SIM7912G/SIM8200X-M2 series modules

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