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5G is booming around the world. 5G commercialization has been hotly contested. 5G is like a Golden Key. With its high reliability, low latency and high connectivity, 5G can realize the massive data access and real-time data transmission required by many industrial applications, comprehensively connect people, machines and objects, and promote efficient coordination among various production factors, thereby creating a multiplier effect for improving corporate efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to the large bandwidth and low latency of 5G, many technologies and applications that couldn’t be implemented before have become possible.

Case Description

In recent years, driven by trucks, the commercial vehicle market has seen rapid growth. China's commercial vehicle industry has seen growth for five consecutive years. Heavy trucks, medium trucks, and mini trucks all achieved double-digit growth. With the arrival of the 5G era, the development of smart commercial vehicles is further accelerated. Through the collection and analysis of information data on vehicle management, insurance management, maintenance cost and driver management, vehicle management costs can be greatly reduced and the efficiency of commercial vehicles can be optimized.

Smart heavy trucks form an important part of the intelligent application of commercial vehicles. Most application scenarios are concentrated in mines, ports, airports, etc., quite in line with the technological scenarios of autonomous trucks. They are mostly used for 200-300km short-distance transportation. Their fixed routes and operation modes are also more suitable for autonomous driving, providing a good the intelligent application scenario for 5G.

Smart heavy trucks integrate advanced technologies such as lidar, machine vision, high-precision map, and 5G-V2X communication, which form a complete control loop from chassis electronic control and engine to intelligent driving system. The embedded corresponding 5G modules can help realize the autonomous collection and analysis of truck data, achieve cm-level positioning and accurate parking, and form intelligent collaboration with other intelligent equipment to quickly complete loading and unloading, thereby making logistics and transportation intelligent.

SIMCom Module Advantages


SIMCom 5G modules and intelligent modules are extensively used in smart heavy trucks. SIM9350 is an intelligent wireless communication 5G module equipped with the Android system, Qualcomm 8-core 64-bit ARM V8 processor and Kyro CPU 460, with a CPU Clock Speed up to 2.0GHz. The built-in AdrenoTM 619 GPU supports multiple HD cameras and HD touch screens. The powerful high-speed data transmission and multimedia processing capability can help customers quickly develop products and applications related to multimedia, wireless communication and other functions taking advantage of the operating systems and high performance of intelligent modules.

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