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Together, SIMCom and LEAPMOTOR have developed a highly integrated and cost-effective all-in-one IVI + central control system based on SIM8950. It supports WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, navigation, online music and other functions. Car owners not only can listen to radio and music in their cars. Audio and video, map navigation, web services, and driving assistance are also integrated organically.

Case Description

A brand-new experience of IVI

- A leisurely afternoon

Still trying to figure out where to meet your honey? Still queueing at the crowded web celebrity restaurant? Still feeling sad about not getting a movie ticket? Still feeling depressed because such foods are not allowed in a movie theater? We have LEAPMOTOR Private Theater, check it out! Hurry up and get in!

The Third Space

After working overtime, dad puts the car in the garage. After pausing for a second, he turns on the sound system through intelligent voice control to enjoy Mozart's B major Sonata KV333 alone for a while. He adjusts his sitting posture, leans on the soft leather cushion, immerses himself in the melodies, dissipating slowly the exhaustion of a day. LEAPMOTOR dad is back home after recharging his batteries and pulling himself together.

Yang Tao

Board Chairman of SIMCom

In the process of automobile electrification, intelligent automobile technology is also accelerating. This will improve the driving experience and investment value of electric vehicles. The two are mutually beneficial. At the same time, car makers are facing huge cost pressure in the development of intelligent and networked medium and low models. This cooperation between SIMCom and LEAPMOTOR is very successful. The two sides will increase exploration in the field of intelligent vehicles in the future, and jointly improve the intelligent IVI experience.

Shu Chuncheng

Vice President of LEAPMOTOR 

LEAPMOTOR T03 is a long-range intelligent boutique car. It is an ideal model that enables the general public to experience the different experiences brought by new energy technology. SIMCom provides powerful support for the intelligent digital communication of LEAPMOTOR cars. SIMCom is a very reliable partner. It can still ensure delivery in times of short supplies in the industry.

SIMCom Module Advantages

About SIM8950

It supports dual screen and dual touch control

SIM8950 has a built-in Octa-core Coretex-A53 @ 1.8GHz processor, supports WUXGA display and cameras up to 21M pixels. It also supports LTE Cat4 150 DL/50 UL network bandwidth capability and integrates WIFI/BT/GNSS. The high degree of integration greatly saves customers the overall design cost during product development, while reducing difficulty in designing the radio frequency part. In terms of software, it can support the Android operating system. Customers can do secondary software development based on their own scenario requirements to speed up the time to market of their products.


supports payment management function (optional)

supports dual SIM card

supports 1080@60fps video recording and playback

Integrated GNSS supports fast and accurate positioning in different environments

supports dual screen and dual touch control

supports dual camera

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