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Smart bus payment terminal

Bus is one of the necessary means of transportation in people's daily life. In the early days, people often faced the embarrassment of not having change or forgetting to take cash with them when taking a bus. With the development of technology, bus payment is becoming more and more intelligent. There are many convenient payment methods for people to travel at will.

Case Description



SIMCom and Telpo have jointly launched a smart bus QR code payment terminal TPS530, which is a mobile payment solution specifically aimed at smart mobility, with the built-in SIMCom smart module SIM6300. TPS530 supports NFC card payment, as well as WeChat, Alipay and other third-party QR code payment. It’s compatible with 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and other communication methods, supports GPS and can meet the needs in new scenarios of smart city and smart transportation. It is suitable for bus payment, high-speed toll station QR code payment, corporate shuttle bus card payment and other application scenarios.

Bus payment terminal TPS530 has a 5-inch TFT display screen. It’s integrated with an NFC card swipe module and QR code scan module. With the SIMCom intelligent module SIM6300, it can realize rapid data transmission and complete rapid communication with the background after the passenger scans the code. Now, passengers only need to scan the code to enjoy convenient mobility.


TPS530 Solutions bring big convenience to passengers. Regarding bus companies, there are also lots of benefits. First of all, bus companies have to count money after one day’s work, which will need many currency-counting staff. Currency-counting staff must first separate old and new banknotes, then separate currencies. When worn banknotes are found, they have to glue and repair them. Counterfeit currency and game currency must be picked out. Some passengers even fold banknotes into triangles or tape them up. Currency-counting staff has to spread them little by little, which adds a great deal of trouble to currency counting. Currency counting is inefficient and requires hiring more people, increasing the cost of running buses. Second, it is easy to get game currency or counterfeit currency, which brings losses to bus companies. Cashless payment helps bus companies reduce their currency counting workload and costs. Besides, - Code scan and card swipe records effectively provide statistics of passenger flows in different time periods, which helps bus companies to rationalize vehicle scheduling and improve operation efficiency.


Yang Tao, board chairman of SIMCom, says: “it is a great honor that SIMCom can always walk at the forefront of the times. Our products can cover the entire life chain of mobile payment, and provide customers with comprehensive products and services. From the 2G era to the current 5G+AI era, payment devices equipped with SIMCom intelligent modules have been all over the streets. So far, SIMCom has invested more than a billion in R&D and production, in return for strong product competitiveness. In the future, SIMCom will continue to increase capital and manpower investments, and accelerate the pace of globalization while constantly improving products.”



SIMCom Module Advantages


SIM6300 is a wireless communication LTE Cat 4 smart module equipped with the Android/Linux system and the 4-core Cortex-A53 processor. The main frequency bands are 1.3GHz and 1.5GHz respectively. It supports 2 HD cameras and a capacitive touch screen, with strong high-speed data transmission and multimedia processing capabilities. Taking advantage of the smart module’s operating system and high performance, customers can quickly develop products and applications related to multimedia, wireless communication and other functions.


SIM6300 is highly integrated with wireless cellular communication, short-range communication, and multi-satellite positioning receiver functions. The chip can support LTE FDD/TDD, quad-band WCDMA, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, BT4.0BLE short-distance communication, and GNSS.


SIM6300 has all kinds of interfaces, which can be connected to cameras, displays, audio players, sensors and other devices, providing multi-dimensional data acquisition for human-computer interaction. MIPI_DSI/CSI /UART/SPI/I2C/GPIO/USB interfaces greatly expand its application fields, making it widely used in intelligent POS, advertising and media, automotive electronics, WITMED, and other devices and industries.

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