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The arrival of 5G era means higher data transmission speeds. 5G Dongle/CPE make a good solution when we need to use multiple terminals to surf the Internet but can't connect to Wi-Fi or hotspots. At 2021 MWC Shanghai, SIMCom and Tozed Kangwei jointly launched a new-generation 5G Dongle and 5G CPE, which can realize high-speed data transmission and allow smart terminals such as TVs, desk lamps, mobile phones, tablets, computers and so on to access the Internet anytime and anywhere, so that users can enjoy the high speed brought by 5G networks all the time.

Case Description

Jiang Han, Vice President of Tozed Kangwei said at the SIMCom product launch that Tozed Kangwei products are widely used in wireless broadband access for home users, smart factories, smart healthcare, smart education, smart transportation and other fields, and have a good reputation. Tozed Kangwei and SIMCom have deep and close cooperation. SIMCom products with excellent quality and various certifications can help Tozed Kangwei products get quick access to the market. The new-generation 5G Dongle and CPE of Tozed Kangwei launched this time adopts the 5G module SIM8202G-M2 of SIMCom.

A 5G Dongle can plug into other 5G wireless devices via USB, such as a 5G mobile network card, giving your computer and other mobile devices 5G speeds. FWA CPE is a fixed wireless broadband access device, which converts high-speed 4G or 5G signals into WIFI signals, and supports multiple mobile terminals to surf the Internet at the same time. CPE can be widely used for wireless access in rural areas, towns, hospitals, units, factories, residential areas, saving the cost of laying wired networks.

About SIM8202G-M2

SIMCom Module Advantages


SIM8202G-M2 adopts a new four-antenna design, which effectively improves communication capacity, transmits and receives data in a positive way, and maintains high-speed and stable data transmission. With an ultra-small package size of only 30*42mm, it covers the bands of the world's major carries. It’s compatible with a variety of communication protocols, highly scalable and equipped with various interfaces. It can be widely used in virtual reality, augmented reality, CPE and other terminals, creating Internet of Vehicles, industrial IoT, smart healthcare, 4k/8k HD videos and other application scenarios.

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