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At the Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany, SIMCom exhibited a 4G/5G C-V2X vehicle-mounted smart antenna jointly developed with one German company, a world-leading Tier-1 supplier of automotive communication receiving systems.

Case Description



This is a highly complex antenna that integrates various functions. Its latest MIMO, multiband and persity configuration support all RF communication standards, thereby maximizing its throughput and coverage. The antenna contains SIM8100, SIM7800E and w59 modules from SIMCom for LTE / 5G, CELLULAR V2X, GNSS, WIFI and Bluetooth connections. SIM7800E is the earliest module for automotive electronics launched by SIMCom. SIM8100 is a C-V2X module, which supports C-V2X connection through the PC5 interface. It’s applicable to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) applications. 



The smart antenna has several advantages over traditional vehicle-mounted antennas. At present, vehicles need to receive AM/FM, Bluetooth, WiFi, DAB+, 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, Satellite Radio and other signals, which are distributed in different frequency bands. In the future, vehicles will need to receive more signals as more functions are added, so the wiring of traditional antennas will be more complex. However, this smart antenna allows data from all sorts of RF connections to be routed to the vehicle network through a single high-speed digital interface, which not only can reduce signal loss in the transmission process, but also can reduce wiring complexity.


With the arrival of the commercial 5G era in China, the domains involved and the range of 5G applications will grow wider and wider. Automotive networking will usher in tremendous development. IHS predicts that by 2035, the global sales of smart self-driving vehicles will exceed 10 million vehicles; by 2022, the global inventory of connected vehicles will reach 350 million vehicles, accounting for 24% of the market, and the sales of new vehicles with networking functions will reach 98 million vehicles, accounting for 94% of the market. As the vehicle networking technology persifies and the proportion of connected vehicles grows, the requirements for antennas and other devices will also become higher and higher. SIMCom is constantly improving its module combinations. The SIM8200X-Au module for automotive electronics that features 5G+C-V2X is going to be launched soon. 

SIMCom Module Advantages

SIM7800 Series

Supports C-V2X connection through the PC5 interface.

Applicable to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) applications

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