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As far as we know, the contradiction between the decreasing cultivated land and the increasing population is increasingly prominent, while the requirements for the agricultural traceability are further improved due to the improved health awareness of people and their pursuit for the a healthy lifestyle. How to satisfy such increasing needs with limited resources proposes a challenge to the agricultural technology. However, the Internet of things is a strong solution to overcome this challenge.

Case Description


Benefiting from the development of NB IoT technology, new elements are introduced into the agriculture, attracting many Internet technology companies to engage in this market,, such as the Walking Chicken of JD and Internet Pig Breeding of NetEase music. By using different sensors during the process of breeding, it is possible to not only monitor the health of animals in real time, saving the labor costs, but also make the whole process traceable to ensure the healthy sources of food.



Similarly, many innovations are also introduced into the field of planting. Tencent, together with Wageningen University and Research Center, a top agricultural university in Europe, organized an international artificial intelligence greenhouse planting challenge, attracting many companies to attend, including many technology giants such as Microsoft and Intel. This event aimed to integrate the artificial intelligence, Internet of things and agriculture to create a brand new intelligent agricultural production mode.



Behind such series of sensors, NB module plays a key role. NB-IOT module can access the network quickly and realize the lossless and stable data transmission. In addition, with smaller size, low power consumption, and adaptability to harsh environment, it is very suitable for agricultural production. How does NB module work in the actual production? As for the greenhouse planting, many wireless sensors are installed in the greenhouse. The built-in modules of the sensor collect the parameters in real time, such as temperature and humidity, light and CO2 concentration and then send the data to the cloud, where the data is transformed, stored and analyzed with the help of the Internet of Things platform. The growers can adjust the indoor parameters in time based on the collected data, such as heating, lighting and ventilation, so as to create a best growth environment for the plants. Tencent successfully planted AI cucumbers within three months based on this principle. No one entered into the greenhouse during the planting process, and the whole process is controlled remotely by operators.


Internet of Things will promote the transformation and upgrade of new agriculture, with NB module being the key for this transformation. Facing more and more Internet of Things applications, SIMCom has also launched a series of NB modules to meet the demands for different scenarios. Such products include the smallest NB module SIM7090G, with a size of only 14.8*12.8*2.0mm, the SIM7020X with multiple certifications, including ATEX certification, T-Mobile and Vodafone certification and GCF certification issued by TÜV South Germany, and  also the SIM7080G with Telec and Jate certificates issued by Japan. Among them, SIM7080G can be compatible with SIM7020E, SIM7020G, SIM800C and SIM868, which can greatly reduce the development cost and accelerate the development cycle. In addition, SIM7000x, SIM7050X and SIM7070x are also available. SIMCom NB modules are also widely used in the agriculture, such as the Walking Chicken mentioned before, where SIM7020G module is used. The modules are also used in the intelligent fish farming and intelligent cultivation.


The application of "UAV + sensor + big data" in the field of agriculture creates a multi-level and all-round "agricultural map", while NB modules summarize the soil information, crop information, climate information and even farmers' information, so that to solve the problems such as agricultural traceability, terminal safety and production efficiency. With so many NB modules available from SIMCom, which one will you choose?


SIMCom Module Advantages


With Power Saving Mode(PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception(eDRX), the SIM7070 series can extend battery life up to 10 years
The SIM7070 series provides deeper coverage enhancement compared to GSM
The form factor and AT commands of the SIM7070 series are compatible with SIM7000X/SIM800F/SIM900


With Power Saving Mode(PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception(eDRX), SIM7080G can extend battery life to 10 years.
CAT-M, NB-IoT dual mode

The package of SIM7080G is compatible with SIM868


With Power Saving Mode(PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception(eDRX), SIM7090G can extend battery life up to 10 years
SIM7090 provides deeper coverage enhancement compared to GSM
Ultra compact size for wearable tracker application

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